The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese!


LET ME GUESS: You would totally go vegan, but you just CAN’T give up that cheese. OR you are already vegan and are facing some major withdrawal.


Yes, #thestruggleisreal. When I first ditched dairy products, I thought I’d NEVER again eat cheese, which is only my most favorite food in the world.

So on that day, a piece of me died.

Angry Newman gif

But still, there was HOPE!

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WARNING: Excitement may vary.

Sure, options were limited back in the day.

chalkBut NOW, the possibilities are endless.


First off, you absolutely MUST try Chao slices from Field Roast

Chao slices

They’re so yummy that I actually got emotional (because I know that they’re going to be a game-changer in the name of animal rights).

LONG GONE are the days when you had to cover your bagels with hummus. We now have vegan cream cheese. (Try Tofutti or Daiya!) 


Not to hate on hummus—that stuff is delish. But come on, now. #YallCantTouchThis

And then there’s Daiya shredded cheese—aka, only the BEST thing ever to happen to humanity.


If you don’t know what Daiya is, I just … I just can’t.   

Your sandwiches will no longer be lonely. (Try GO Veggie! or Daiya slices!)


Annnnnd … have I mentioned how yummy these wedges are?


There’s this delectable nacho sauce from Nacheez:


PLUS this Parmela Parmesan, which kicks dairy cheese in the ass. (GO Veggie! makes a pretty rad Parmesan, too!) 


Now if you’re all about that fancy sh*t, you can spread your crackers with artisan cheeses from brands like Punk Rawk Labs or Kite Hill.


And if you love mac ‘n’ cheese like yours truly, you gotta try THIS recipe:


Or get the boxed version!


Can I get an amen?

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Want more tasty ways to use vegan cheese? Check out our recipes page!

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  • Profile photo of devyn

    702 days ago

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    The first sentence of this article sums it all up for me…good to know there r some good vegan cheeses out there, now just gotta find them

  • Profile photo of chetahgirl20

    797 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    But go veggie has lactose in it…

    • Profile photo of

      792 days ago

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


      They have some vegan cheeses too! 🙂

  • Profile photo of johnhandleyd

    824 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I consider myself a veeeeery strong vegan since I live in Spain, in an island where they don’t sell or ship any veggie burgers or others neither vegan cheese, and I miss cheese tooooo much haha but well. In two years I will be moving to another city and there might be something, I will have to do some research 😉

  • Profile photo of Kitten92

    945 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Thank you do much for this <3