Celebrate a Cruelty-Free Easter

Let’s face it! Holidays are about two things: family and food!

Easter celebrates spring, rebirth, and all that, so does anyone else find it weird to celebrate life by eating unfertilized chickens (aka “chicken periods“!) from hens who most likely suffered a horrible life in a cage the size of a piece of paper?

Holidays are no excuse for cruelty, so why not start a new tradition of compassion? From crafts and food to tips on how to talk to your family about animal rights, read on for our tips on having a fun-filled, cruelty-free Easter!

1. A Basket Full of Compassion

Don’t think that going vegan means you have to ditch the Easter basket full of goodies. There are tons of awesome vegan items available, including “accidentally vegan” ones. From chocolate bunnies and fudge to pig-bone-free candies, you can have it all and stay vegan. Drooooool!


2. Festive Faux Fun

Most of us grew up dying eggs and looked forward to expressing our creativity. Don’t squash your inner van Gogh! Just channel that energy into some other artistic, animal-friendly crafts.

Decorate plastic eggs with markers, or if you don’t want to miss out on the egg dyeing, pick up some ceramic EggNots to swirl in vibrant dye.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Make some papier-mache eggs and go wild. The great thing with these is that you can layer on any color or design you like, and they’re big enough that you can even glue on pictures of your friends, your pup, or even your fave band!

Ceramic Egg-Nots dyed as Nugget for Easter


Express yourself and your love for animals with these easy, fun, and creative crafts that won’t leave a rotten smell on your conscience.

3. Cookie Time!

Looking for a more delicious art project? Why not bake and decorate some vegan Easter cookies? The best part is that with no gross raw eggs in it, you can feel free to eat a little cookie dough before you bake them. Ya know, just to make sure they taste ok. 😉

Vegan Easter Cookies

4. A Spring Feast That Really Celebrates Life

When it’s time for the main meal, don’t resign yourself to a plate of potatoes and salad. Check out all the amazing vegan ham and vegan turkey options out there and serve yourself a plate that makes your meat-eating fam jealous. Better yet, let them try how delicious your food is, and you could be creating a whole new menu for the next holiday dinner!


5. Time for New Beginnings

Once your family sees how fun, delish, and, most importantly, easy it is to celebrate a compassionate Easter, they might have some questions for you. Be ready to show them the video below, or take a look at our tips on how to talk to your parents and friends.

How are YOU celebrating a compassionate Easter this year? Let us know in the comments!