6 Vegan Kitchen Essentials

Going vegan is a whole new world (a positive, awesome one!), but making the first big leap can be a liiiitttle intimidating. It’s easy to find vegan foods at places like Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and your local grocery store, but there are a few products and gadgets that you can pick up to make your life a lot easier. Here are my top vegan essentials for your kitchen. These are things I wish someone had told me about when I first went vegan!

Counter-Top Grill

Need a quick pick-me-up after class but don’t have a couple of hours to spend whipping up a gourmet meal? Grab a counter-top grill from your local department store (they’re cheap!) and cook these guys up in no time:

veggie burger bagel

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a flaky yellow powder packed with B vitamins. A complete protein, it’s also low in sodium and contains no cholesterol (take that, cheese!). Vegans use it as a key ingredient in cheese saucesparmesan replacementsmac and cheese recipes, and more. It’s great on popcorn, on tacos, in burritos, and on lasagna and pasta. 

Microplane Zester

WTF is this? It’s basically a grater, but you use it on lemons, limes, etc. My favorite thing to make with it is vegan lemon-garlic sauce using vegan sour cream or yogurt! If you’re a super-fan of lemons, limes, and anything tart, this cheap tool will be life-changing!

Blender and/or Food Processor

This one is a no-brainer. Get a good blender or a blender/food processor (I have a few!) and blend up almond-milk smoothies in the a.m., throw some fruit juice and frozen fruit in to whip up a healthy breakfast, or use it to make sauces like pesto, cashew cheese, and more!

healthy smoothies

Vegan Staples

We’ve talked about this before. Always keep these things in your cabinets and fridge: Beans (pinto, black, white, whatever!) to make burritos or top salads, pasta to toss with marinara or vegan pesto, tortillas, veggie burgers, frozen veggies to steam up alongside veggie burgers or pasta or to use when whipping up a quick stir-fry, fresh greens to make salads, frozen fruit, almond milk, and more! That way, you can be lazy, skip the grocery store, and still make a gourmet meal.

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