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Donate 5,000 Points to peta2

5K points

Donate the points you earned back to peta2, & we’ll use the money that would’ve been spent on your Street Team Goods on our many campaigns to help animals.




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  • Profile photo of SherriR

    595 days ago

    When donating your points, how much does 5,000 points equal in dollar amount to help the animals, and how do you distribute it.

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      585 days ago

      The money that would be spent on Street Team goods goes back into the organization and supports our efforts to spread the word about animal rights. :)

  • Profile photo of moriahklet

    706 days ago

    I love you guys so much!! Right when I turn 18 I want to volunteer at PETA. Literally though u dont understand how much this changed my life since I saw a fur video and I cried my eyes out and then I became vegetarian and then stopped eating fish and now I’m almost vegan. The only thing I do eat that come from animals are eggs but I literally drive with my mom all the way to a real free range farm where we can see the free range chickens. I’m only 14 but I still stand up for what I believe in <333

  • Profile photo of elenjazzy

    746 days ago

    Done :)

  • Profile photo of Fatima

    756 days ago

    Just donated! :)

  • Profile photo of ichklick

    774 days ago

    Just donated 5,000 to you guys. I hope you received it cause I live in Australia and had to give out a non existent address somewhere in the US :) xox

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      774 days ago

      Thanks SO much for your support! :)