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Where Hermit Crabs Come From

Where Hermit Crabs Come From

In this new exposé, delicate hermit crabs were taken from the wild, dumped into crowded, barren pens, and even thrown in the trash while still alive.

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  • twinxon

    I said "no" to eating land animals after seeing the video "Glass Walls" talking about the cruelty and horrors of factory farming. I imagined myself as one of the suffering animals, and I can almost sense what pain the animals must be in. They don't deserve to be abused that way. I also think these animals that are suffering are very similar to the Jews of the Holocaust. They are silent, they are masked and hidden of how they are treated by the food industry. Just like the Jews, they have no voice. It is up to those who have more power than them, us humans, to be the heroes, and save these unfortunate souls.I am very supportive of veganism, but unfortunately my mother thinks I am too young to go vegan at 16. Therefore, I had to compromise with her that I will be pescetarian. At least I am on my way to saving hundreds of cows and pigs and other poultry. Everyone should start somewhere. I decided to give up on dairy products and eggs, too. I am in the process of forming an animal rights club at my school.