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    hey, i'm okami, i am a twelve year old ovo vegetarian (i only eat eggs from my own pet chickens.) and animal advocete, i live in Victoria Australia. one day soon i will quit eggs and honey and become a vegan.


    Lover of vegan food, cats, animal rights, Dawson's Creek, and Harry Potter.


    "Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." -Albert Einstein ......Follow VeganSarahMarie on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr!


    Count of Casualty


    I am awesome. That is all.


    I blow my candles out July 25. I love my boyfriend almost as much as I love helping animals. I love cats a lot too though! I AM a Vegan. xoxo <3


    I am a vegan, activist, blogger, poet, fashion student, and amateur singer. I'm learning how to play bass guitar, but I'm not very good yet. I run a blog which is currently available at Check it out and subscribe!


    Started my own campaign against the fur trade. Please support it.


    Since 12yrs old I've always been strongly into animal rights. I am a college student also interested in doing Special Effects work mostly in Horror. as well as Tarot Readings...

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