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I've been on and off vegetarian for 2 years (wish I never started eating meat again :c) I'm a sweet, weird teenager who's been thru her fair share of crazy shit, but one thing has always remained steady; my never ending love for animals <3

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    I'm from a little heartland town. I'm currently a college student, so I have a pretty busy schedule. My favorite thing to do when I have time to myself is volunteering at a local animal shelter, as well as being an animal-rights activist!


    Destiny Cheyenne * Saying Hiccup after I hiccup * Religiously wearing non matching socks * Vegetarian * Peaches & Strawberry Banana * All things mint * Photography * Music * Art * Poetry * World Peace * Independence * Confidence * Staying true to myself * Easily distracted * Guarded * Determined * Shy * Hard headed * Honest * Star Wars * Pokemon * Boys who wear chapstick * Bees are the devil.

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