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    Born and raised in Mexico. I love vegan food and animals!


    Hi there! I'm Bri. :3


    Since 12yrs old I've always been strongly into animal rights. I am a college student also interested in doing Special Effects work mostly in Horror. as well as Tarot Readings...


    The Vegangirl


    I'm puerto rican. I just recently moved to Texas to attend college. I'm a vegetarian. I wish to do everything I can to help animals in need <3


    I'm not going to talk about my life story because it´s sad...I'm going to say Hi! for what is starting to be something new in my life story :3


    I'm a girl who loves music and animals a lot :) i love the style of the 1950's all to the 1980's. i love the pin up girl style


    I have been vegetarian for over 4 years. I'm 19. I live in Alabama and LOVE animals.

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