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Everything happens for a Natural Reason, and destroying it shouldn't be one of those reasons!

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    Been a vegetarian for 3 years! Considering vegan-hood


    loves life, loves god, loves me, proud gleek xD loves animals friends, dramtic...


    Story of her life.


    Loving animals since the day I was born.


    Tumblr. Vegetarianism. Cats. Cannabis. Music. Entering contests. Growing my hair. Reading. Japan. Movies/films. Learning. Rats. Chocolate. Tattoos. Butts. Friends. Pick up lines. Good times. Good vibes.


    My name is Michelle. I have a pretty neat life. I have a beautiful son named Gage, a great man named Sean, and a dog named Jazz. I enjoy reading, cooking, and cleaning. I have been a Vegan for three years now and I am very happy. It really has changed my life for the better and I thank PETA everyday for that. :D


    Animal lover residing in Toronto

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