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Raised by an amazing mother in a tough city just trying to live life fairly.

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    Vegetarian my whole life, moving towards a vegan lifestyle. Love and peace. Supporting animals, the arts, culture and the environment.


    I'm currently 15 but have been a vegetarian since I was in fifth grade at the age of 10 because I had read many disturbing articles about how animals were treated. since then i have convinced my two sisters to go semi-vegetarian for the time being and had convinced my dad and brother to cut the amount of meat they would normally eat. In the future, i would like to be a high school math teacher full time and care/train animals during summers. Its very heart-warming to know we all love animal and are standing up for them instead of being bystanders<3


    I'm 16 years old. I love to juggle, bowl, do stage crew, play the piano, and run. I also love to help people out, and give back to the community as much as I can. I am part of a juggling organization that teaches children with disabilities, cancers, and those who are blind how to juggle. I volunteer at an animal shelter in Princeton. I am currently a Junior in high school. Extracurricular activities that I do are: Winter/Spring Track, Stage Crew, and Cross Country. I have a pet dog, his name is Dash, and he is a long-haired Dachshund.


    Hiya! Mackenzie here. I'm one of the biggest animal lovers you'll ever meet. I'm always trying to do things to help animals and involve myself in getting active for animal rights. I have 4 awesome animal buddies living with me- a dog, ferret, mouse, and leopard gecko. Animals are my world, and I live to speak up for them. Looking good is my thing.. Vegan clothing and cosmetics are always in style! ;)


    Hi, I'm Nina. :)


    16, Sophomore, music whore, dancer, singer/songwriter. Lover of pop-punk bands and Never Shout Never. <3

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