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    My name is Emily i'm a freshman in college i became vegetarian December 2007


    Author of The Energy Room. Fibromyaglia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, High Raw Vegan, Feeder of wild Opossums.


    i love juice boxes ^_^


    I am a lot of things: a hippie, a lover, a person, an artist, an explorer, etc. My purpose in life is to leave this world by doing more good than harm. I want my limited existence to be a positive one.


    Hi, I'm Nina. :)


    I live and breathe music, and if I could do a benefit concert for the animals, I WOULD SO DO IT!!!!!


    Life story: I left my moms house to live with my dad who understands me (I am bisexual. im vegan, i dont really care what people say about or to me but once the up in my face then ect.), I love musicals, art, and Animals. I have Always wanted to make a change, about anyting.


    I'm going to college for Communications. I live in the South, where being a vegetarian is unheard of.


    I'm a recent vegan! most of my family and friends don't understand why I'm "doing this to myself", as though its a bad thing ;P

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