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    My name is Emily i'm a freshman in college i became vegetarian December 2007


    Completed the Vegucated vegan for a month challenge, and am continuing on from there. Currently working through and OSFED (EDNOS) eating disorder and hoping that focusing on food in this way will help me with it!


    Hi I'm Miranda talk to me ^^ lolol




    Hello everyone! I've been vegetarian since January 2010 and vegan since July 2010. I love making new friends, so add or message me if you'd like. (:


    Ello All. ♥ I never am really quite sure what to say in this section of any of my profile's I've had on social networks... No matter what I put I feel like your never going to get an accurate depiction of who it is I am unless you really get to know me.


    My life story is a roller coaster, but its a crazy journey and im just along for the ride, trying to make the best out of everything.


    I have stuck with Harry until the very end.


    I have returned to Vegetarianism and proud to be returning after three years. I have many hobbies and love to help others as well as animals. I have the best companion in the world who is a one eyed cat named Simon, he is my joy and happiness.

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