• Zaydi is discussing no-kill shelter on the boards1 month ago

    I cannot stress enough my dislike for no-kill policies. Coming from working for a no-kill shelter, there were many healthy animals with good temperaments that we did not have space for who are then required to go to the higher kill pound next store. Being in the business for a while has made me very bitter toward bullshit policies like these.…[Read more]

  • Zaydi is discussing Dunkin donuts on the boards1 month ago

    Regardless of vegan, what about healthy? I would just stick to buying your own “healthier” bagels that don’t have 65 grams of carbs and 650 mg of sodium! Just stay away from Dunkin Donuts…that way you don’t have to worry about them being vegan or not.

  • Zaydi is discussing Judgmental People / Getting Shy on the boards1 month ago

    Those type of ignorant comments make no sense and people have no business judging you about your life choices being a vegetarian. And yes, the environmental issues surrounding the exploitation of the amazon rain forest and the alarming rate of deforestation not only affects all the animals it’s home to but people as well who are affected by the…[Read more]