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I'm vegetarian, hopefully vegan when i move out of home or sooner, I watch Youtube religiously and music makes me very happy!

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    I am Angela. When I am not helping animals I am listening to music, reading, or playing video games. My spirit animal is a fox and I love nature. What else is there to know? Want to know anything about me, need advice or anything message me :)


    In the end, its not like years in your life that count, its the life in your years. instagram= @katiemsitton


    I'm not very interesting, but I'm not sure if ANYONE can condense their life story into 140 characters.


    17 years old, passionate animal lover, musician, artist, ginger west-coast Floridian. Yeaa, that last part just about sums it up.


    -My Name Is Ciara, I Live In Houston Tx & I Am An Animal Rights Activist!:D I Am Vegetarian/Vegan & I Love Helping As Many Animals As Possible! I Love To Donate & Give All My Free Time To Those In Need.


    I have my beautiful and amazing fiancé @VeganVixen for opening my eyes and showing me how amazing it is to be vegan and stand up for what you believe in! My goal is to save as many lives as I can and make sure that our voices be heard.

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