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    I love the Vegans are Sweeter mug! That’ll totally grab people’s attention at work (◡‿◡✿)

  • I really hope I win this <3 I love the fact that Oli, Matt Kean, and Matt Nicholls are a vegetarians/vegans! I first learned about them being vegetarian at warped tour 2010 and thought that was wonderful because I […]

  • My favorite animal cruelty-free make up is my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara. (: It’s lovely and has lasted me a really long time.

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    This could be so great when I attend Full Sail in the Fall (: very fashionable and makes a great vegan statement!

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    I plan on going vegan and showing my family the alternatives to meat and dairy products! As a matter of fact we’re having vegan empanadas tomorrow. I also plan on volunteering at my local animal shelter with my […]

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    Stay Together for the Kids is my favorite song by Blink!