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Gahh. Well. I suffer from sever depression (recently got out of a mental health hospital). I've struggled with it most of my life. I'm pansexual. Google it, bro. My favorite band is 'Of Mice & Men'. And, um.. I dunno. ;-;

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    I love animals more than almost any human being.


    I've been vegetarian for two years now, and was the best decision I have ever accomplished. To all the people who didn't believe in me that I could accomplish this, thank you, for giving me an even more push to free animals one step at a time.


    Oldest sister of 3 girls. Vegatarians .


    Music is the only real thing in this awful world.


    I live and breathe music, and if I could do a benefit concert for the animals, I WOULD SO DO IT!!!!!


    I'm just drifting along, haven't yet found my path in this world...

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