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my life is to amazing to describe in a 140 characters

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    Helping out in any way that I can. <3


    A girl who is passionate about art, CG, game design, and especially the rights of animals.


    When i was a little girl, i knew someone who would take me with them to drop my pets off out on back roads. I'm here(at peta2) because i will never do something so awful to my pets, and i will NEVER teach my children something so cruel and just plain wrong. #weareallanimals <3


    All my friends are dead or inside my head.


    People are also animals...why is it that people think we aren't?


    ♥ Tea, yoga, vegan, music, nature, life ॐ


    I am a vegan/feminist/rockabilly chic and love my lifestyle! Want to know more? Just talk to me.


    I have been vegan for 5 years now.. I stopped for a couple months because of my common law.. But I start all over again Oct. 01 /12 and I can't wait! I love animals, the environment and helping human society (I wish to be somebody in the mental health society as well as being an animal activist)

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