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    Courtney. 17 years old. Senior. I love animals and believe in peace.When i graduate i hope to go to college for animal photography or animal wildlife rehabilitation.


    Lover of vegan food, cats, animal rights, Dawson's Creek, and Harry Potter.


    I've been vegetarian for two years now, and was the best decision I have ever accomplished. To all the people who didn't believe in me that I could accomplish this, thank you, for giving me an even more push to free animals one step at a time.


    I'm an animal lover who listens to too much pop punk and drinks a lot of green tea


    Hello, I'm Amber. I have been a vegetarian for the past five years and now I'm a vegan. I love animals! I have rescued six. I am going to school to be a veterinarian to save the lives of animals everywhere.


    We are all animals

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