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    Respect the Earth


    Mother❤Daughter❤Sister❤Best friend❤Taken since 12/3/10 Proud owner of Two guinea pigs❤Two cats❤Two dogs


    Thirteen years ago I was just a baby but then, I grew up. Now I'm just a girl trying to do her best to help everyone and everything and reach her dreams.


    I am an awesome nerdy girl from Seattle. I am all about nature, film, and all things dork!


    I am a vegetarian, lover of animals, supporter of positive acts; i feel strongly about freedom , and NeverShoutNever is my music and I'm very open-minded :D


    I am a blonde, high-heeled feminist. Channel your inner rebel!


    i have been vegetarian as long as I've been making my own decisions, and i have my role model Christofer Drew to thank for me even going thru with it.


    My life story... practically sitting on my butt listening to music or going out and fighting for animal rights. No biggie.

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