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Suicidegirl Hopeful, burlesque babe, pin–up, & novice sideshow act (I glass walk, lay on a bed of nails, and I'm learning to eat fire) Living with Bipolar Disorder I, OCD Spectrum disorders, PTSD, & ExtraPyramidial Symptoms

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    I realized what change needed to be done in a world where are animals are treat the way they are, and the change must start in me , so i started by becoming a vegetarian , i realized how better i feel and how compassionate it was to make that decision, since that day, all i have done,is spread the word on this issues,.


    uh, I guessed the best way to explain myself briefly would be a retired trouble maker, both older brothers in prison, gang violence, friends, dying from drugs and violence, or getting arrested, I got arrested facing 57-60 years, cleaned up my act, and want to make a difference in life!! and just now feeling more compassionate for other living things :3 and i'm a vegetarian, soon to be vegan!

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