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    I love to draw and plan on becoming a tattoo artist, so it makes me love the Ink Not Mink action even more. I have been a vegetarian for 4 years, but am now slowly going vegan.!/crazycat329


    I am awesome. That is all.


    I'm originally from Detroit. Been in Florida for over a year now. I'm nerdy, simple, laid back, and outgoing. I'm a vegetarian and have like a million animals. I'm into Video games, drawing, reading, painting, photography, music, animals, activism, and knitting.


    twitter/instagram: mermaidmalice


    Hello everyone! I've been vegetarian since January 2010 and vegan since July 2010. I love making new friends, so add or message me if you'd like. (:


    Hey, I'm Josie! It's nice to meet you :) I've been a Vegetarian since February 22, 2011 and still goin' strong! I love to paint, oil pastel, and just have fun :D So, add me I guess haha :)

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