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    There are a few things we need to talk about—like what counts as entertainment and what DOESN’T. While we can spend our summer days being carefree and eating vegan ice cream, animals held captive in zoos, c […]

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    ThumbnailIt’s time to clear something up: Animals are NOT here to entertain us. They don’t want to do stupid tricks, live in tiny cages, be movie stars, or listen to you tap on the glass of their pathetic enclosures. They […]

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    Ever wonder why your vegan friends roll their eyes when you ask them about protein? Or maybe you just don’t get why people like tofu? Or why your sister is sick of you talking about how much you loooove bacon? (Seriously, stop.) Allow us to share these nine little words that mean something TOTALLY different to vegans than to other people!
    1. “Tofu”
    Nonvegans:funny tofu meme


    Sean dancing gif

    Because tofu.

    Tofu scramble collage
    2. “Protein”
    you are really stupid gif.

    No, no, you’re right: Vegans are OBVIOUSLY missing all their protein …  idiot.

    vegan protein beans peanut butter milk tofu potates yogurt
    3. “Fur”
    [media-credit text="© Swiss Animal Protection" link="" text_2="East International" link_2="" text_3="" link_3="" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Chinese Fur Farm[/media-credit]
    No, please tell me more about how “glamorous” your fur coat is. Oh, it’s “expensive”? Something tells me the animals paid a higher price. Just sayin’.
    4. “Environmentalist”

    Think of going vegan as your own personal boycott against the leading cause of greenhouse-gas emissions and against a major contributor to pretty much all the f#cked up things about the environment.
    5. “Sexy”
    peta2-veg-celeb-psaSo you like muscles? Long legs? Flowing hair? Bright smiles? Well, vegans know that beauty is more than skin deep, and we’ve got a whole slew of hot celebs who prove that they love animals every time they sit down to eat!
    6. “Milk” or “cheese”
    Nonvegans: Does a body good!


    Vegans: Cows make milk for BABY cows! YOU ARE NOT A COW!
    7. “Bacon”
    Nonvegans: “But it’s soooo good!”pig9thumping

    Vegans: Just … no. No, no, no.

    A worker slammed these piglets' heads against the floor and left them to die in a bin.

    No bacon for me ever again. Please, God, no.
    8. “Vegan food”

    boring salad sad face


    food instagram collage


    9. “Study break”
    dog collage

    “RUB MY BELLLLL-EHH!” Vegans know that nothing chases away the homework blues better than a little QT with our furry friends!
    As you can see, being vegan is pretty much awesome.
    What’s NOT awesome is cruelty to animals. And guess what? Being vegan helps end that, too. See? Vegan = awesome.
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    Morrissey has a long history of speaking up for animals, and his new album is no exception.
    In an exclusive interview with PETA marking the release of World […]

  • DianaM21066 just posted These Strangers Saved More Than 500 Animals on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    Let’s be real: Animal abuse is f#cked up. And sadly, there is a LOT of it going on. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to change things, but we’re here to tell you that you CAN make a difference!

    Need proof? Dig these awesome ads starring peta2’s 2013 Cutest Vegan Alive contest winners!
    Cutest Vegan Alive 2013 contest winner Chloe

    Teenage Georgia peach Chloe went vegan after watching “Glass Walls.” She then went on to start an animal rights club at her high school and attend PETA protests against fur and Ringling Bros.

    As secretary of her high school class, she persuaded her classmates to move their prom out of an aquarium. It took a little convincing, but Chloe didn’t give up and her fellow classmates had a change of and moved the dance to an animal-friendly location. peta2 thanks you for helping fishies, Chloe!

    Fun facts: Chloe is related to a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and her fave foods are lasagne and tofu veggie fajitas. Yum!


    My greatest hope is that I will leave the world having made a positive impact.

    peta2 cutest vegan alive 2013 contestU.S. Army infantry soldier Alexander first thought twice about eating animals when he heard a line from Finding Nemo: “Fish are friends, not food.” Two weeks later, he was horrified to see a worker kick a chicken at a farm, and his journey to vegan eating began.

    Alexander’s come a long way since then—he shares his vegan meals with his “battle buddies” on base, and some of them are even considering going vegetarian!

    He creates YouTube videos about cruelty to animals, donates to animal-related causes, and can cook up a storm! Tomato-smothered chickpeas with Tofurky sausage is his specialty. Noms!

    Fun fact: This dude s spicy food and can speak Japanese! Hmm, a smart guy who cares about animals and can cook? Swoon!

    Peace is my dream.

    See, you’re not alone! We can ALL help animals—yes, YOU! Every vegan saves more than 100 animals a year just by not eating them. Chloe and Alexander did it, and so can you!

    Feeling inspired yet? Wanna see some more rad kids who are standing up for animals? Check out this year’s Cutest Vegan Alive finalists, then vote for your two faves to help peta2 decide who we should crown as this year’s winners!


    • alexblue replied 1 year, 3 months ago

      Thanks to both of them for all they’re doing to save and protect animals, and for teaching other people about how to do it too! :)

  • DianaM21066 just posted 10 Reasons SeaWorld SUCKS! on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    Thumbnail1. A History of Violence

    When the original Shamu was captured from the wild in 1965, her mother was shot with a harpoon and killed in front of the young orca’s eyes by a marine “cowboy” named Ted Griffin. […]

    • SaveTilikum replied 1 year, 4 months ago

      I went to SeaWorld 3 times before seeing Blackfish, I will never go back. It’s a prison for dolphins! :(

    • morgan22 replied 1 year, 2 months ago


    • ana133 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

      When I was a kid it was my dream to go to SeaWorld. But now? NO WAY. It’s awful how they treat their Orcas just to make a quick buck D: And I’m happy that I never got to go anyway now that I know my facts.

    • riaannbiersack replied 9 months, 1 week ago

      I went to SeaWorld last summer and had a blast watching the shows. Now that I know what they do I never want to go back. They are so cruel to these innocent animals

    • wolfiecunning replied 3 months ago

      were moving to California and my parents don’t understand this, they just want the kids to have fun and see the orcas and dolphins. also zoos. I don’t have a choice of not going or staying somewhere else while they go, they get mad at me because they think its notwhat I think.
      what do I do?

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    ThumbnailEveryone is a sucker for an adorable puppy-face or playful kitten, but adopting animals from shelters not only scores you a new BFF but also has tons of other cool perks, too!

    Read on for the ridiculously cute […]

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    ThumbnailWhales in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean can swim in peace for now, thanks to the International Court of Justice—the United Nations’ judicial body—which has suspended Japan’s Antarctic whaling program!

    Wait, […]

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    ThumbnailYou know we  us some compassionate celebs and musicians, and we know YOU free stuff! So we’re giving you the chance to dress like animal-loving celeb Ariana Grande by winning the “Never Be Silent” Tank Top. Oh, […]

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    ThumbnailMost people go vegetarian or vegan because they  animals, but I’ve got a secret …
    I went vegan because I HATE VEGETABLES!

    I HATE them! Let’s eat ’em all!

    Juuuuust kidding. :)

    I really dig veggies. […]

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    ThumbnailBugs, spiders, flies, and other creepy crawly things … they might not be the cutest or cuddliest, but insects are still living beings and deserve to be treated with respect. So what’s an animal lover to do when […]

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    ThumbnailAs some of you know, Lent is here, and we’ve got a great way for you to help animals while taking your religious commitment to the next level. And of course, we have some free stuff for you, too: Today, we’re […]

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    ThumbnailPeaches, here, peta2’s guest blog writer back for a very special blog to celebrate a very special day. It’s been a minute since my last blog, but I’m excited to be back, and I have a great prize for you—a GoPicnic […]

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    ThumbnailWhat’s better than tasty food? FREE STUFF! Get a double dose of awesome by winning this “VGN” unisex T-shirt that celebrates your compassionate decision to choose only cruelty-free (and tasty!) vegan foods. Nom […]

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    ThumbnailThis week’s prize is a good one: It’s the brand-new “Pick Flowers, Not Fights” cardigan! This super-soft unisex sweater is the perfect way to bundle up and still promote a positive message for animals. Like […]

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    ThumbnailSeals are cute. Actually, they’re totally crazy-cute. Which only makes the annual Canadian seal slaughter—where thousands of baby seals are barbarically killed for their fur—all the more horrifying! Show that you […]

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    ThumbnailSeals are cute. Actually, they’re totally crazy-cute. Which only makes the annual Canadian seal slaughter—where thousands of baby seals are barbarically killed for their fur—all the more horrifying! Show that you <span style="color: […]

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