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Hello , I'm DJ Crugix name is Edward Cruz born in New York & have lived here all my life . since a kid I've liked music & expressing my creativity by drawing & creating things that are full of fantasy . Now in days I mix electronic dance music & play guitar , also do some clothing designs for my clothing line Forever Finest & some photography too . I consider myself a animal lover since I was little , I used to always go to the Bronx Zoo & seeing the animals how nice they looked & what new animals I found out about . but nowadays that I've found about new things & how they treat animals in some places , makes me want to help out & give support to ending this cruelty , to what these lovely animals don't deserve , if I could , id wish to just have all of them animals to save them & find a new home where they would love to have them , like I have 4 guinea pigs (two girls & two boys who I love very much & have helped me through my disorder of anxiety) & I grown up with animals all my life , so this is DJ Crugix living in a imaginative world in my head of music & art & with that ill help animals have their freedom too & their lovely life that they need also , lets turn up the love !

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