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    Well, hello there! I'm Bri.~ ^w^


    I've been a vegetarian my whole life. Feel free to add me!


    live life nice


    Who's life is fucked up, but full of awesome anyways? Yeah, this girl. :)


    Hello ☺ Name's Jaii. I'm a 19-year-old Syrian girl from the conservative city Hama with a Canadian nationality, but currently living in Saudi Arabia. Androgynous. Pansexual. Secular humanist. Feminist ♀ Vegan. Cruelty-free. Unfortunately an Arab / Middle-Easterner. Fearless advocate. Writer. Leo ♌ 90's kid. Recovering / relapsing from borderline personality disorder. On psychological drugs. Music addicted. Animal obsessed. Childhood nostalgic. Alcohol and drug free, but I smoke cigarettes. Feel free to talk to me ♡ I follow back similar blogs. Peace ✌


    People are also animals...why is it that people think we aren't?


    Born October 28, 1996- Ive always felt that I was born in a sense so that through my life trials, I may inspire others, in the hope that they too may smile just a little longer. I hope to make a difference, leave my mark on this world, no matter how small of an impression that I leave. ~xo, singlexmomentxofxcourage

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