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    Hello everyone! It's about time I change my profile info, haha. My life story honestly isn't very interesting. I have 4 pets; 3 hermit crabs and a leopard gecko. I, like so many other people on here, have loved animals since I was young. When I'm older I'd like to be a computer programmer or work in video game design.


    I am proud to be weird! My pride and joy is Popsicle, my precious baby, a Blue-tongued Skink. (Sub-species: Irian Jaya) Popsicle and I spend hours together each day, I take him outside and around the house! He goes to the bathroom outside, (potty-trained, whooo!) and explores as he pleases. I let him on my head and in my bed, I do not fear Salmonella and kiss him liberally. He recognizes me, and whenever I drop my hand into his tank he crawls on for an adventure! I also love my kitty and dog, but Popsicle is my most devoted animal companion! :)


    Recently went back to being a vegetarian after losing myself for a little over a year and giving it up and now with the new year started I did decide to go 100% vegan. After falling off I came back more intrigued and involved as ever to help animals and the planet as much as I possibly can. I've got lost time to make up for with all those little cuties

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