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    Vegan. Senior. 17. Animal Activist. My passion is helping animals. <3 Add me as a friend on instagram : veganism_and_animals


    After wandering down many different paths in my life, I feel like I have finally discovered who I am. I love my life, and I know I want to help better animals, people, the environment, myself, and the world! All life is sacred and must be appreciated and cherrished. I am working towards being a vegan, (currently pescetarian) but it's really difficult when you're still in the house with family. They are finally starting to support me, but it's still in progress. My goal in life is to simplifiy my wants and needs, and to expirience as much as I can throughout my life. I hope one day to become a wilderness therapist and to spend my time outdoors.


    -My Name Is Ciara, I Live In Houston Tx & I Am An Animal Rights Activist!:D I Am Vegetarian/Vegan & I Love Helping As Many Animals As Possible! I Love To Donate & Give All My Free Time To Those In Need.


    ive was a vegetarian for a while and im now a vegan and I love animals, they are my world!


    I am a very determined, passionate person. I never hesitate to stand up for what I believe in and always encourage others to do the same. I adore nature and all of its' miracles, therefore it deserves to be appreciated and respected. Peta2 represents that, and that is why I'm here. :)


    i love blessthefall

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