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I've been vegetarian for 3 years now (Since January 1st, 2013). It started as a New Years Resolution and it stuck, and was the best decision I have ever accomplished! To all the people who didn't believe in me that I could accomplish this, thank you, for giving me an even more push to free animals one step at a time.

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    Lover of vegan food, cats, animal rights, Dawson's Creek, and Harry Potter.


    I'm from India. I'm graduated in commerce. Right now I'm working in Nationalized Government Bank. I volunteered for PETA INDIA for 2 years in my college days. But after that job schedules has changed so I couldn't continued that. So I choose PETA@. At least I can help animal through this.


    "Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." -Albert Einstein ......Follow VeganSarahMarie on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr!


    Jersey girl now I'm all country.


    I am Lizeth! I have been vegan since this past summer, I have been a part of Mercy for Animals and PETA since I was in elementary school probably and I like to think that I have saved many animals


    I've moved around a lot in my life and animals are the one thing that always remain constant wherever I go. I can be shy, but around animals I always seem to fit in and be myself. Our family has lots of animals and we all are not only animal-friendly, but also eco-friendly, so I love connecting the two whenever I can!


    hey! I'm Miranda I love animals and people.

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