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Well, im damn funny! a good advisor(not many people know that),NEVER backstabbed anyone(& never will), im a good conversationalist, a good human being annnnd a good friend. Many hate me cuz of my honesty(& talents,which im modest about heehee) and many love me too cuz im a good person and not at all boring! Want to be the best rapper,meet my mentor,my lord EMINEM and collaborate with him, and be a good music producer and show off my dance skills in my music videos. With recognition, i'll spread my word and with money, I'll do good for the world.

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Janvi, & Jem is my alias.'s Friends


    Hey guys! I'm a queer polyamorous trans* guy who loves vegan food :D My best friend is allergic to wheat, soy, and nuts so I'm always on the hunt for recipes.


    I used to be normal but then i met those weirdos i now call my best friends. :) XD


    Vegan. Senior. 17. Animal Activist. My passion is helping animals. <3 Add me as a friend on instagram : veganism_and_animals


    Born and raised in San Antonio im 16 currently a Junior in high school I love to listen and play music and wanting to help animals and be a veterinarian since the third grade

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