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    I don’t see any difference between testing on animals and testing on humans. In fact, I think testing on humans would almost be better. In that case, the subjects would be fully aware of what they were getting […]

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    It doesn’t seem very fun, but hanging laundry outside instead of using the dryer :) I guess that isn’t really cruelty free to the animals, but it is for the Earth! I also love taking my dog to a park to just sit […]

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    I’ve decided to return to a vegan lifestyle, and I’ve signed a petition to stop mining in salmon habitats in Alaska! I also worked on getting my parents to start buying food only locally, especially eggs from […]

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    My dog is big and black so we like to sit in the shade and read, and he likes to lie down (not swim, because he is weird), in the creek that runs through the woods we walk through.

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    walking through the woods with my favorite canine, Bruce! and gardening, gardening gardening :)

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