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I am an 18 year old cosmetology student from Arizona. I'm a free spirited cat loving vegetarian with an unhealthy addiction to hair, body modifications, animals, art and music.

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    I'm a 16 year old vegetarian


    I love helping animals and people! I'm vegetarian, but I try to eat as many vegan foods as possible. I love street teaming and making good causes known to my friends and others! I also love music and play the bass!


    i am 14 i was adopted from texas, grew up always understanding animals better then people, i suffer from anorexia and depression but am getting better. i risk my life to save animals, i am punk and love music, and art.


    I'm Karalee!


    i simply want to help as many people and animals as possible in my life while maintaining my own happiness


    Vegan 5 years. 5 dogs, 2 rats. Body modifications. Guitar. Goth. Phresh 2 deaph.


    Vegan. Senior. 17. Animal Activist. My passion is helping animals. <3 Add me as a friend on instagram : veganism_and_animals


    Hi I'm Ashley. I'm a sophomore and I love animals. I volunteer at a cat shelter. I'm a vegan and its really great. I love stopping animal cruelty while also being healthy.


    hard to be put in words

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