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    When i was a little girl, i knew someone who would take me with them to drop my pets off out on back roads. I'm here(at peta2) because i will never do something so awful to my pets, and i will NEVER teach my children something so cruel and just plain wrong. #weareallanimals <3


    Born. Died. Reborn.


    I'm one and a million, and I would have been already forgotten yet if it wasn't of PETA. The world should be free-for all, so I choose to make a difference, to be part of the solution




    I really love the environment, and before PETA I thought being vegan was the only thing I could do to help. I'm so glad there's something else I can do, I love showing the posters and stickers to my friends and I even talked my cheer coach into letting me give out stickers at a football game. :D

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