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    Jersey girl now I'm all country.


    Life story in less than 140 characters? Well I don't think that's going to happen! But we can try, my name is Sarah, I'm 16 years old from Jersey. I table for Peta 2,I love adventures, being myself, my friends & family, the little things in life, music, and of course animals. Alive to be happy, happy to be alive.


    I'm Faylo, a college student, ukulele-ist, sewer and vegetarian! I love nature, but I love the city too, and will do everything in my power to do what I think is right <3


    Veg since 2011. Animals are my passion


    Born in Spain and raised in Cali. Vegan ever since making the connection between the love I have for my dog and the cut up animal flesh being served on my plate (only difference being that I know my dog personally).

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