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    imagination and faith


    Lover of vegan food, cats, animal rights, Dawson's Creek, and Harry Potter.


    Hi I'm Tiffany.


    Let's see I am from Denver, and have been an animal lover for as long as I could remember! I first joined Peta after learning what horrible things were done to animals in shelters and as I developed a love for science I soon realized there was even more harm done to animals in scientific testing. I am hoping to become a zoologist with animal conservation groups to show the world how wrong it is to hurt animals. I guess you can say that has always been my purpose with joining peta was to have everyone realize how amazing animals are and not to ever be treated wrong. I am an outgoing and artistic girl who is on the adventurist side of life. I love making new friends and love to talk to anyone even if it's just at work!


    Enjoys life as it comes!


    I am in my final year of a Biologocal Sciences Bachelor degree, majoring in ecology. Looking to do some volunteer work for a year before starting in the work force! I live in central Wollongong, where the mountains meet the sea, and share an appartment with 4 snakes, a scorpion, a tarantula, a kitten and of course my two room mates :)


    From the UK. Recently vegan and loving it ! :-)

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