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I have been moving since I was born. I was born Jan. 29 in King County Hospital in Seattle, Washington. I love cooking and I would love to open a restaurant that serves vegetarian and vegan foods so that they have somewhere to go eat and know its not an animal. I work very hard to spread word about things I believe in.

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    Never grow up


    Tattoo Artist, with Vegan friendly ink.


    I have always loved animals, and I will continue to love them and stand up for them every day of my life! I will be the voice for them, that most humans cannot hear on their own. I will make every decision based off of what would be best for them. I will stand up for what I believe, even if I'm standing alone. I will always live my life for animals!


    It only takes one voice to make a difference.


    I'm a mommy!!!


    Born in Michigan, raised here, schooled here, in a relationship, 1 brother, 3 sisters.


    Kourtny, Rockford born, photography, and in love with music. I book shows and promote bands. Current vegetarian; soon to be vegan!


    My name is Holly. I am a mother and a wife and an animal rights activist and vegan!!! <3 I'm usually happy and will love just about anyone.

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