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    Dedicating my live to save the lives of those who want to live.


    I have always loved animals, no matter what shape,size, color, species they are. I started as a vegetarian a few years ago, but i only knew that i didn't want to eat animal. i stoped for a while when i lost my job and ate what i could. no excuse i know. but soon later to realized my mission in life and purpose. i am here to be the voice of those who do not speak human. i changed my outlook to this because i found a boxer mix dog laying under my porch. she had gotten hit by a car and was severely starved. everyone around me was like leave it alone, you don't know where it came from, but i didn't care i had to save her. i rushed her to the emergency vet clinic where they did immediate surgery on her. despite those peoples commentary i saved a dogs life and from that point on i knew that if people treated a dog that way i wonder how people treat non domestic animals. I researched and came across peta2 where i now am an animal activist and vegan. I continue to help and save animals that i find and plan on never changing my ways for any one.


    I am a vegetarian, lover of animals, supporter of positive acts; i feel strongly about freedom , and NeverShoutNever is my music and I'm very open-minded :D


    Im an artist, I believe in beauty of the soul and freedom to live life as such. I've lived a life filled with variety, coloring my personality with lush and vibrant experiences such as the power of music and dance, the earth feel of art, the beauty of benevolence and passion shown by people to the earth, and much more. I became vegan because of how disgusting this 'animal' industry was, and what a disregard the majority of the people had for the pure life on this planet. All life must be treated with respect and equality, including people. Everyone must move towards liberation of themselves and non-human animals, remove the blind placed over our eyes and the shackles from all our lives. Freedom should be free.

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