• Megan-R just posted Kid Ink Speaks Out for Chained Dogs on the peta2 blog.4 weeks ago

    Kid Ink knows that your animal companions are like family. The “Batgang” rapper is starring in a new ad for peta2 to remind fans that animals should never be chained up outside.

    As evidenced by his peta2 […]

  • Megan-R just posted How Long Could You Survive Inside This Hot Car? on the peta2 blog.1 month ago

    Every summer, thousands of dogs suffer and die when their guardians leave them inside a parked car. It might be for “just a minute” while they run inside the gas station or pop into a store, but it could result […]

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    Most of the world first laid eyes (and ears) on Houston-born singer Josh Levi when he blew the judges away with his stripped-down version of Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It” on The X Factor. If you aren’t a member […]

  • Megan-R just posted 7 Celebs Who Make Vegan Look GOOD on the peta2 blog.2 months ago

    Beyoncé’s Internet-breaking announcement that her curves are courtesy of her 22-day vegan meal plan had us spinnin’ with our hands up. Obviously, a diet that is full of meat-free meals and not loaded down with […]

  • Megan-R just posted Miley Cyrus Wrote the Saddest Song About Her Blowfish on the peta2 blog.3 months ago

    If you follow Miley Cyrus at all, you already know what a huge animal lover she is. Aside from going vegetarian—because animals are friends, not food—Miley posts all the time about her family of rescued dogs and […]

  • Megan-R just posted Meet the Rescued Pup Who Stole a Kiss From Tom Hardy on the peta2 blog.4 months ago

    ThumbnailTom Hardy isn’t exactly known for being a sweetheart on screen. Roles like super-villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and post-apocalyptic road warrior Max in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road show that he has a […]

  • Megan-R just posted Ariana Grande Shines a Spotlight on Shelter Dogs on the peta2 blog.4 months ago

    It’s no secret that pop star Ariana Grande has a huge heart for animals. Aside from being vegan—not eating animals is pretty much the nicest thing you can do for them!—she is constantly posting pics of her adopted […]

  • Megan-R just posted These 3 Ads Will Make You Never Want to Eat Fish Again on the peta2 blog.5 months ago

    ThumbnailSo you watched “Glass Walls” and decided to cut meat out of your diet. You go, Glen Coco! You could never look at a cute little pig or cow as food again. It’s still OK to eat fish, though, right? Nope! […]

  • Megan-R just posted We’re SO Excited This YouTube Mega-Star Doesn’t Wear Fur! on the peta2 blog.5 months ago

    ThumbnailPosing with her adorable cat, Zula, and wearing a trademark pink #OOTD, YouTube superstar, lifestyle blogger, and Zoella’s bestie Sprinkle of Glitter is the latest celeb to stand up for animals in her new ad for […]

  • Megan-R just posted Krysten Ritter Is Having the Best Day Ever on the peta2 blog.6 months ago

    ThumbnailYou know how it is:

    Wake up flawless.

    Practice yoga in the sunshine to awaken your mind and body.

    Lounge by the pool to work on your tan.

    Sike! It’s more like: Wake up late because you hit the snooze […]

  • Megan-R just posted The 12 Best Vegan Super Bowl Recipes on the peta2 blog.7 months ago

    ThumbnailHere’s the thing about Super Bowl Sunday: It’s the best. If you’re a football fan, it’s the biggest game of the year and your last chance to soak up all the football you can before the season ends.

    If you […]

  • Megan-R just posted 10 Great Celeb Moments of 2014 on the peta2 blog.8 months ago

    ThumbnailCelebrities are crazy. With all their NSFW magazine covers and in-the-club-on-a-Tuesday antics, seeing a celebrity do something good is like stumbling upon a unicorn. But, hey—stranger things have happened, […]

  • Megan-R just posted 5 Reasons Vegans Should Watch More Football on the peta2 blog.8 months ago

    Thumbnail“Throwing around the ‘pig skin'” (yuck!) may be one of the most appalling sports phrases ever, but there are plenty of reasons why a compassionate vegan like you should still set your fantasy lineup, grab your […]

  • Megan-R just posted 8 Must-Have Xmas Gifts on the peta2 blog.8 months ago

    ThumbnailBust out the decorations and put your favorite holiday playlist on because the countdown to Christmas has begun! If you made it onto the “nice” list this year, it’s time to set your sights on some animal-friendly […]

  • Megan-R just posted Ariana Grande Wins the Weekend on the peta2 blog.9 months ago

    ThumbnailHow does one of the most successful pop stars on the planet spend her free time? Surprisingly enough, she spends it a lot like we do here at peta2. :)

    This past weekend, Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Ariana […]

  • Megan-R just posted 15 Famous Dudes Who Love Cats on the peta2 blog.11 months ago

    Dogs may be “man’s best friend,” but dudes who love cats are definitely a girl’s best friend. There’s just something extra dreamy about a man who wants to cuddle up next to a kitten. Am I right? Cheers to these 15 cat-loving cuties:
    1. James Franco …
    [peta-instagram id="qb6kaQy9X8"]
    2. … and younger brother Dave Franco both grew up with a love for animals. Dave has even referred to himself as “the weird cat guy.” Don’t worry, Dave—we don’t think you’re weird. 
    [media-credit text="Photo by: Quasar/starmaxinc.com ©2010" link="" text_2="" link_2="" text_3="" link_3="" align="aligncenter" width="568"]dave franco starmax image[/media-credit]
    3. Ed Sheeran may be busy touring the world and topping the charts, but he’s always happy to come home to this cuddly face. 
    [peta-instagram id="kkSZPlEpD5"]
    4. This lucky cat gets up close and personal with Vine sensation Shawn Mendes. 
    [peta-instagram id="oPLwbvrt3g"]
    5. Because he’s a vegan, it’s clear that Christofer Drew has a huge heart for all animals, including this little cutie.

    [peta-instagram id="pMvEUUxLQv"]
    6. The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus may be tough as nails on TV, but he’s a softie at heart, sharing his home with Eye In The Dark—who even has his own Twitter account
    [peta-instagram id="s_R-_aMcNw"]
    7. It’s clear from the pictures he posts that rapper Danny Brown is totally in love with his cat Siren—he even takes her on walks! 
    [peta-instagram id="jTAHl1lhz5"]
    8. Joe Jonas recently posted this picture of Pancake the cat, and the Internet died from cuteness overload.
    [peta-instagram id="ogwQdKD8HZ"]
    9. Morrissey‘s love for cats runs so deep that it inspired a Tumblr page. That’s true love.  
    Morrissey's Spay and Neuter Ad
    10. Oh, to be this cat, lounging casually on the butt of Ian Somerhalder.   
    [peta-instagram id="jfX2YHqJ14"]
    11. Kellan Lutz befriended this kitten in Thailand. 
    [peta-instagram id="m6Bn3XCI1o"]
    12. Blessthefall vocalist Beau Bokan, wife Lights, and this sweet kitty might just be the cutest family ever. 
    [peta-instagram id="juJn8yJMfR"]
    13. Macklemore is the proud papa of Instagram-famous feline Cairo!  
    [peta-instagram id="oEW6wRwKyj"]
    14. Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set wins for having the best names for his companion animals: Backpack the dog and Nonsense the cat. Could he be any more adorable?! 
    [peta-instagram id="rVgCj-zPmF"]
    15. This photo of Australian mega-babe Liam Hemsworth holding this kitten is the epitome of everything that is good in the world. Thank you, Liam.
    [peta-instagram id="bZtRUcP851"]

    If you’re ready to bring a cat into your life, head to your local animal shelter to adopt! Never purchase animals from pet stores. If you’re already a cat mama or papa, check out some fun peta2 tips!

    peta2 Instagram

  • Megan-R just posted Meet the Real-Life Vegan Spider-Man on the peta2 blog.12 months ago

    Let’s talk about free running.

    Free running is all about expressing yourself in an environment without any limitations on movement.

    Example: You want to get from point A to point B as fast as possible, but there’s a wall, a bench, and a set of stairs in your way. Do you go around those obstacles? Nope. You go through them—or rather over them—as awesomely as possible.

    Let’s now talk about Tim Shieff.

    Tim Shieff is a world champion professional English free runner. He has competed on American Ninja Warrior, has appeared in a Harry Potter film (the ultimate measure of success in my book), and is considered one of the most successful athletes in the world. Tim Shieff is also vegan.
    [peta-video youtube="9sJDmqE2dk4" ]
    When you have to push your body to the limit, it takes more than sheer willpower and determination. Being an athlete of this caliber means staying in peak physical condition and having all the protein and nutrients you need in order to get through your grueling workout sessions.
     tim shieff gif free running video
    Fueling yourself with a plant-based diet is the best thing that you can do for your body. Among the many benefits of eating vegan meals are:

    Lower cholesterol
    Reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, and strokes
    Increased energy
    Getting to brag that some of the strongest people in the world are vegan

    This officially puts the protein myth to bed, right? I thought so. 😉
    Patrik Baboumian
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  • Megan-R just posted Our Fave Celebs of the Teen Choice Awards! on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    Last night, Hollywood’s hottest young stars hit the blue carpet for one of peta2’s favorite annual events—the Teen Choice Awards.

    How can you not be at least mildly obsessed with an award show that boasts categories like “Choice Movie Hissy Fit” (we’re looking at you, Godzilla) and “Choice Break-Up Song”? Impossible! We love it almost as much as we love our own annual Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity contest. 😉

    Before the big awards aired live on Sunday night, peta2 partnered with Red Carpet Events LA to co-host a pre-party complete with vegan cupcakes and special appearances from our celeb BFFs. Check out the highlights! 

    [caption id="attachment_208003" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Vegan peta2 cupcakes for our guests! Vegan peta2 cupcakes for our guests![/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207859" align="aligncenter" width="480"]chelsi tca photo peta2 staffer Chelsi Schriver[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207866" align="aligncenter" width="480"]brittany furlan simone shepherd tca Vine queens Brittany Furlan and Simone Shepherd[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207867" align="aligncenter" width="480"]joey king tca event Joey King and sis Hunter King[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207864" align="aligncenter" width="480"]diana mendoza tca photo peta2’s Diana Mendoza smiling for the camera.[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207869" align="aligncenter" width="511"]meagan tandy tca Meagan Tandy of MTV’s Teen Wolf[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207871" align="aligncenter" width="480"]sabrina carpenter tca Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_207964" align="aligncenter" width="507"]hayden byerly teen choice awards Hayden Byerly of The Fosters[/caption]

    Among the night’s big winners are Glee star Lea Michele, multiple cast members of the mega-popular ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars, and 2014 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity nominees Ariana Grande and Zendaya. 
    Can’t get enough of your favorite celebs?
    Cast your vote to help peta2 decide who should be crowned the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2014!

  • Megan-R just posted The Best Band Interview Probably Ever on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    If somebody doesn’t understand, it’s their loss for being so close-minded of an individual that they can’t understand standing against the norm.

    The members of Los Angeles duo Youth Code are not creating the kind of beat-dropping, pop-filled electronic music that’s taken over the radio—and they don’t give a f*ck.
    youth code featured image
    Sara Taylor and Ryan William George got their start doing DIY basement shows, touring with and playing in hardcore bands, and they harnessed that unapologetic attitude and raw energy into a frenzied industrial sound.
    Keeping in spirit with the punk ethos, it’s only fitting that Sara and Ryan are devoted animal activists. We recently caught up with the pair to discuss Earth Crisis, the vegan hardcore community, and taking a stand against the horrific cruelty of factory farming. When it comes to facing your food, Sara makes one hell of a point: “If you can’t stomach it, why are you contributing to it?”

    [W]atching something die—if it affects you, you need to really sit and think about what you consume.

    [peta-video youtube="UhtPan889Zw" ]
    You can find Youth Code on tour this fall with Skinny Puppy and VNV Nation on the Alliance of Sound Tour. For more information on animal rights, order peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan!
    guide to going vegan


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