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Hello everyone! It's about time I change my profile info, haha. My life story honestly isn't very interesting. I have 4 pets; 3 hermit crabs and a leopard gecko. I, like so many other people on here, have loved animals since I was young and hate how cruelly some people treat them (which is why I joined peta2). When I'm older I'd like to be a computer programmer or work in video game design.

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    animal activist & slurpee addict


    Intentionally left blank


    a girl that loves alternative music, crazy hair, piercings and animals <3


    I'm Kassandra. Animal rights are my biggest passion and I was lucky enough to help expand and express that through the 2012-2013 peta2 Youth Advisory Board.


    i have an awsome best friend,i have 2 cats and a turantula, i love halloween the most, i go to french emersion, i love biology and i want to be either a marine biologist or a veteranarian.

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