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Animals deserve more respect than humans, that's why I'm here to help them get that value...

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    Love is my weapon Music is my religion Peace is in my soul check out this link and maybe donate to help others


    "Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." -Albert Einstein ......Follow VeganSarahMarie on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr!


    you kill an ant you dead lol


    Hi. My name is Kimmie, and I'm mega music lover. I also dig helping the less fortunate, and those who cannot help themselves, like ANIMALS<3. I've never met anyone who loves animals as much as I do, so I look forward to meeting and befriending some of you. :)


    I like peas and carrots, and my favorite season is autumn. I love to hang out with friends and my cat Marley.


    I was born blue and not breathing. My first pet was a duckling I think. I grew up in a happy and loving family. I was bullied for being poor. My life is full of ups and downs but it's okay, that's how life goes anyway. One day. I'll do something that will change the world, for the better of course. I don't know what it is, but someday, I definitely will.


    Sarrie (say-ree)| Les chats sont ma vie. | (Cats are my life) I'm 18. Vegetarian for about 4 years, vegan for about a year. Recently raw till 4 vegan. Nobody that I know cares about animals as much as I do, so I'd love to talk to some people that do! Feel free to add/message me


    India's Youth Ambassador to United States on YES Program!


    Hiya! Mackenzie here. I'm one of the biggest animal lovers you'll ever meet. I'm always trying to do things to help animals and involve myself in getting active for animal rights. I have 4 awesome animal buddies living with me- a dog, ferret, mouse, and leopard gecko. Animals are my world, and I live to speak up for them. Looking good is my thing.. Vegan clothing and cosmetics are always in style! ;)

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