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Well, im a musician, i play 5 instruments and I love to sing and ive been told by almost everyone that has heard me that im amazing at it. I also sing in musicals and i lvoe to act with a passion. I started the Day Of Silence at my school to promote Anti gay bullying, im bisexual but mostly into girls so yeah ^___^ I have an obsession with jewelry (mostly bracelets), My iPod, Christofer Drew, Singing, dreaming, drawing, LOVE PEACE AND HARMONY, i love furry and stoner hats, also band tees and skinny jeans, and my vibram five finger shoes :3 Im known in my school as the music and activist chick, i won most musical in my yearbook too, My only dream is to become a musician, Love Is My Weapon (im a pacifist) and i have the boy that ive always dreamed of, Kayden <3

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