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    I think the “Fuck Tradition” will get the most attention when worn. In the world we live in today, shock value is what opens peoples eyes. And opening their eyes is what its all about! Its too bad we cant wear a video on our backs of what goes on in all animal abuse situations. If we could, I think it would change the worlds views of animal rights.

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    I support vegan fashion because it is a walking billboard for animal rights! We cant have enough of them! Its a great conversation piece to get people in the right frame of mind when it comes to learning where […]

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    I would like to see Peta work with Betty White. She has been an animal rights activist for decades!
    I think she is a great role model for all she speaks up for!

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    Size 6. I would like to see graphic prints of what goes on in animal laboratories and slaughterhouses on not only shoes but shirts and caps and anything else that would catch the publics attention. They are all […]

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    my favorite fruit is strawberries. Vegee is tomatoes!

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    My favorite fruit is strawberries and my favorite vegee is a tomato!!! Organic of course!

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    Vegan Chick pea salad from Peta’s recipe book I received in the mail.

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    Any vegetable I can put in my new Juicer!!!

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    I would tell them that fur to an animal is like skin to a human being. Then I would tell them to log onto Peta.org to see how fur is removed from animals. Ill bet they would never wear fur again.

  • I watched the documentary “Blackfish” with tears rolling down my cheeks the entire time. I learned a lot to say the least from that documentary. And told everyone I know to watch it and learn what SeaWorld is […]

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    Ingrid Newkirk for all she has created in Peta and all I have learned from her.

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    My cat is the BEST because of his capabilities despite his unfortunate downfalls. He was born with a brain disorder that caused him many mental and physical limitations. At least that is what I was told at the […]

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    Size small fitted. I love my cat because of our unique connection. Noone can comfort me as my cat can. And no one brings me more peace than knowing he is content.

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    I am a walking poster child for animal rights! From writing articles I send into our local paper concerning animal rights, too wearing Peta merchandise, to displaying it in my office waiting room, to attaching […]

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    Candy cane is my favorite! But more importantly is that everyone understand that buying cruelty free is the way we as a nation have the power to make the biggest changes of all when it comes to animal rights. If […]

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