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    My whole life has revolved around my love for animals. I became vegetarian when I was 7 years old. I hope to change the world someday.


    hey queer vegun artist here lol hmu


    I love tricking. I love my family. I love my girlfriend. I love animals. I love fighting for what I love.


    Ello All. ♥ I never am really quite sure what to say in this section of any of my profile's I've had on social networks... No matter what I put I feel like your never going to get an accurate depiction of who it is I am unless you really get to know me.


    Hi I'm Aisling! I'm 16 years old. I'm from Ireland. I've been veggie the past 3 years and still going strong. I absouletly adore all creature great and small. I've been volunteering at a local animal shelter for the past 6 years so I know the damage that humans can do. Here in Ireland, there is very little laws that protect animals and the laws that do exist often aren't enforced. Ireland also had a bad reputation for puppy farming, being one of the worst countries in Europe for this horrible act. This is what I would like to see changed in the future so for now I'm doing all I can to stop myself and others around me, killing and abusing animals. Since I turned veggie I have turn my whole family to veggie. When I am older I would love to work as a vet to do even more to protect the animals whom I've dedicated my life to. Also, I currently have two dogs as well as some local strays which I take care of.


    I was built for the 1940's.

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