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We can be their voice, be the speech of the speechless. A girl that likes her solitude and tunes. Give her a book and a pillow and she'll be content.

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    vegetarian girl with no friends. i live and breathe music, get at me. c:


    I try to all I can do for animals. I'm 21 I've been vegan since December of 2007 and vegetarian 9months before that. I love reading animal rights books and thats about the only book you can get me to read. I have a wonderful son who I am bring up vegan!


    If you wanna make ya dreams come true, you gotta put time and effort✌ I play a wee bit of music, I sing n stuff


    There's more to living than being alive.


    Was born in 1997, lived in Oshawa Ontario till i was like 6 then moved to know like the song by tragicly hip, anywayyss ummi went to one highschool (fenelon falls secondary school) then now im cathloc apparently and in a relationship c:


    Photography, graphic design, animal rights and welfare, art, urban counterculture, human and civil rights, hiking, "hipster nonsense," reading, doing the right thing.


    I'm pretty quirky. I stand up for what I believe in and NEVER back down. Animal and human rights activist.(:

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