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When i became Vegan, 10, years ago, it wasn't because of my health, it was because i opened my eyes and saw the truth on what goes on inside the slaughter house, dairy farms, etc. My heart went out to all those animals. I could not believe that we humans could do such a thing and feel no remorse, no guilt, no sympathy.... we are smarter than they are, stronger then them... we study them, we know there every move, we have the advantage... no matter the size of the animal, we have the tools and mind to bring them down, but why would you? what have they done?.... NOTHING! we are selfish, we kill... no, we MURDER for material things. Its time for those companies, business', labs, etc. to stop. The animals cant fight back, we are the top predators on earth, and i for one wont be like the rest. i for one wont murder, i WILL stand up for the animals that can't. WE ARE DEALING WITH INNOCENT LIVES. I PLEDGE TO HELP, I PLEDGE TO BE VEGAN FOR MANY MORE YEARS.

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