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"You better take care of me Lord, if you don't you're gonna have me on your hands"- Hunter S. Thompson

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    I am a tumbleweed. I go where the winds will blow me


    I'm Natalie, or Tally for short. I'm 20 I'm a Portland(Oregon) Native. I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals!! xD


    I am a vegan, activist, blogger, poet, fashion student, and amateur singer. I'm learning how to play bass guitar, but I'm not very good yet. I run a blog which is currently available at Check it out and subscribe!


    In the end, its not like years in your life that count, its the life in your years. instagram= @katiemsitton


    Theoretical physicist, author, artist, musician and cat-mom born in Ireland, raised in England and now living in the US. I'm literally a life-long vegan, as I was born with an aversion to the taste of meat and lactose-intolerant. Lucky, I guess.


    Well I have always had a love for music,art,reading,and of course animals <3 Someday I hope I can use my art and music abilities to spread the message That animals are our friends not our food or our property :) .


    I try to frequent music festivals during the warmer months. I make hemp jewelry and do many styles of artwork.


    Hi! My name is Ariel. :) I have been vegetarian my entire life and recently became vegan. My parents didn't have to tell me a thing about what happened to the animals. I came into this world with a sense of awareness and my intuition told me that eating animals was bad. At just 4 years old I informed my mom that people ate cows! I am so lucky to have been born into a vegetarian/vegan family. <3 Other than being an animal rights activist I am a nature photographer ( and I would like to get into modeling. I am passionate about body art so I think Suicide Girls would be a good fit. I am also currently studying for the GED, then i'm off to cosmetology school, using only cruelty-free products of course!


    I'm Kassandra. Animal rights are my biggest passion and I was lucky enough to help expand and express that through the 2012-2013 peta2 Youth Advisory Board.


    Hey, my names Lexy ! Straight edge// Vegan// Horror hound// Dramatic arts student// Music lover.


    In a nutshell I am: a new-age, hippie, old soul, naturalist, holistic being.


    Not much to say here. I went to warped tour and learned about peta-2. It totally changed my views <3

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