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    vegetarian girl with no friends. i live and breathe music, get at me. c:


    Hey!!!:) I'm a CAT LOVER!!!!!<<<<<<<3 I've Been Put On This World For One Reason...To Change It!!! Stand Up For What You Believe In Even Tho People Might Think Your Weird!! Very Different and Proud of It!!<3


    My names Amberlynn. I am 20. I have a boyfirend of 3yrs and a son. I am in college majoring in psychology. I'm fun and sweet. Tryin my best to make a difference in the world.


    Meh. I'm not much of a talker, unless I know you well enough. Artist; slightly eccentric. Writer. Creative. I like to stand out, but I don't always like the attention that comes with it. People've told me I'm nice and funny. I get called 'cute' a lot for whatever reason. Been a vegetarian for over a year now. I like lifting and snowboarding. Friend me if you want, I like meeting new people(^_^).


    uum I dont really know bullied most my life struggling with borderline personality disorder and depression while i fight for animal rights and people rights. <3

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