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    Rachelle-O is discussing where can I buy a hegehog? on the boards1 year ago

    Hey @klplove, please do NOT ever buy an animal–just as you shouldn’t buy a dog or cat, you should never buy a hedgehog. For every cute hedgie sold in a store or online, there are millions suffering in breeding warehouses to feed the pet trade. If you truly want to take in a hedgehog, look online at Petfinder.com or go to your local shelter. Never, ever, EVER buy any animal from a store or breeder. You can see for yourself why here: http://features.peta2.com/pettrade/learn-more.asp.

    • klplove replied 1 year, 3 months ago

      Yeah. Sorry. I worded that question kinda badly. The reason I said “buy” is because I assume wherever I adopt the hedgehog I assume there will be some type of adoption fee or other fee.