• Sean-H just posted Timely: A Racehorse Rescued from Slaughter on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailI’ve been “that horse girl” for as long as I can remember. For me, Black Beauty was canon and a pony was at the top of every birthday list from the moment I could form words. I may or may not subscribe to four […]

  • Sean-H just posted Brake for Turtles! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    Turtles are on the move this time of year, so definitely keep a close eye out for them when you’re out driving (or riding in someone else’s car)!If you spot a turtle in the road, please be sure to stop!  You’ll […]

  • Sean-H just posted WTF is A Hakapik? on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailWhile the seal slaughter is no laughing matter, I wanted to share this blunt, in-yo’-face, tell it like it is, F-bomb laden bit of awesomeness.

    In case you’ve ever wondered what a hakapik was…


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  • Sean-H just posted THE BEST ANIMAL FACTS OF ALL TIME on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailAlright you guys, brace yourself for this one. We have put together some of the cutest, most interesting, and least known facts about animals. I can’t think of better reasons to go vegan:
    Sheep wag their […]

  • Sean-H just posted WOW: Dolphins Use Names! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailWe’ve always known dolphins to be some pretty smart animals, but recently we learned that they’re even smarter than we thought. It turns out, they’re the only animal (other than ourselves) who use specific noises […]

  • Sean-H just posted My Name Is Ashleigh and I’m a peta2 Intern on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailThe following is from peta2 intern, Ashleigh:  Before I share my awesome experience at peta2, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. A long story short: Because of complications at birth, I have a C1-C2 […]

  • Sean-H just posted APRIL FOOLS! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailTo make a huge difference for cows abused for dairy products, simply ditch dairy and try delicious vegan milkcheese, and ice cream options instead—no human breast milk needed! peta2 doesn’t encourage people to […]

  • Sean-H just posted Throw a Pregnancy Party on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailTo produce milk for humans, cows on factory farms are forcibly impregnated (raped!), have their horns painfully burnt or cut out of their heads, and are often killed before they turn 6 years old. Not to worry—you […]

  • Sean-H just posted Bunny Fever: Don’t Catch It! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailWith Easter just a few days away, I’m sure thoughts of vegan chocolate eggs, spring chickies, and floofy bunnies are dancing in your head. While you might get a sudden urge to buy a cute “Easter bunny,” it’s NOT a […]

  • Sean-H just posted 10 Reasons Not to Eat Eggs on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailIt’s that time of year when we think about bunnies, eggs, candy, and pretty spring colors. The weather is getting a little warmer, and family is getting together. The younger kids gather to decorate chicken […]

  • Sean-H just posted Cutest Vegans Alive! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailEvery year, SO MANY cute vegetarians enter our contest that it’s always hard to choose a winner. You are all just too perfect. Well, guess what! It’s almost that time of year again! On Monday, we’ll start […]

  • Sean-H just posted Cut Meat Out Today! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailWednesday, March 20, is International Meatout Day! It’s a day when vegans and vegetarians alike are encouraged to remember just why it’s so important to cut animal products from your diet—not only do you help […]

  • Sean-H just posted Top 5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailYAY, ST. PADDY’S DAY! I’m pretty excited about this, you guys. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GREEN! Here are a few ways that you can be green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year:

    Crazy-easy to make and so […]

  • Sean-H just posted Shark Dies for Kmart Commercial on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailUsing animals for entertainment is NOT cool. Our enjoyment isn’t worth the pain and suffering that these animals endure. Hopefully Kmart learned its lesson last week.

    Photo: sharika- | CC by 2.0

    What […]

  • Sean-H just posted StarCraft Players: Zerglings Have Feelings Too on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailStarCraft players gearing up for the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be getting a new perspective on the game’s aliens, the Zerg.

    Tonight, peta2—or, as we are renaming ourselves in honor of the […]

  • Sean-H just posted 10 Sexiest Guys Who’ve Gone Naked for PETA on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailI’m not gonna tiptoe around it: A lot of guys have shown some skin for PETA, and this makes me pretty happy. We always see the women who went naked for PETA in the news—like actor Olivia Munn going naked for […]

  • Sean-H just posted DON’T MAKE ME BACON! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailHappy National Pig Day to you all! On this most glorious of occasions, we’d like to share with you 15 ADORABLE reasons why you shouldn’t eat pigs. Hopefully, you already know why bacon sucks and that pigs are […]

  • Sean-H just posted Best of the Harlem Shake on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    As the Harlem Shake video frenzy begins to slow, we thought that you guys might want to see our favorites. Here are our top five—each unique in its own way.

    Some underwater Harlem Shakeage:

    Exorcist […]

  • Sean-H just posted Send Us Pictures of Your Furry Babies! on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    ThumbnailTime for some cuteness! When you put a bunch of animal lovers and activists all in one place, you’re bound to get loads of adorable animal pics. Check out some of our own furry rescued companions. :)


  • Sean-H just posted YOU’LL NEVER GET OUT on the peta2 blog.2 years ago

    How would you feel about living your entire life inside a cage that’s too small for you to fully stretch out? Your sisters in the cage above you are forced to crap on your head. Your brothers? Oh, since they […]

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