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    Author of The Energy Room. Fibromyaglia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, High Raw Vegan, Feeder of wild Opossums.


    I'm Ashleigh. I like Harry Potter, Disney, Audrey Hepburn, reading and watching various movies and tv shows. I collect tattoos and handbags.


    I am a lot of things: a hippie, a lover, a person, an artist, an explorer, etc. My purpose in life is to leave this world by doing more good than harm. I want my limited existence to be a positive one.


    I'm from a little heartland town. I'm currently a college student, so I have a pretty busy schedule. My favorite thing to do when I have time to myself is volunteering at a local animal shelter, as well as being an animal-rights activist!


    21 year old vegan psychology student who is so totally against animal cruelty...


    I have returned to Vegetarianism and proud to be returning after three years. I have many hobbies and love to help others as well as animals. I have the best companion in the world who is a one eyed cat named Simon, he is my joy and happiness.

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