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    Boricua. Poly. Kink. Addicted to: Creativity, Organizing, Learning, Activism.


    Hello everyone! I've been vegetarian since January 2010 and vegan since July 2010. I love making new friends, so add or message me if you'd like. (:


    I'm a shorty, 5'1. I talk REALLY fast and I tend to be quiet. I have an odd obsession with grape juice, skittles and unicorns. Veggie corndogs are really good.


    im always listening to music all the time and everywhere


    Single Mom. Vegetarian. Going to school to be a personal trainer. Love Life <3


    Ive always loved animals and one day plan on becoming a vet... maybe Im avery artsy person and im caring untill you make it so i cant be. if you want to know anything else just message me:)

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