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I'm currently 15 but have been a vegetarian since I was in fifth grade at the age of 10 because I had read many disturbing articles about how animals were treated. since then i have convinced my two sisters to go semi-vegetarian for the time being and had convinced my dad and brother to cut the amount of meat they would normally eat. In the future, i would like to be a high school math teacher full time and care/train animals during summers. Its very heart-warming to know we all love animal and are standing up for them instead of being bystanders<3

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    Raised by an amazing mother in a tough city just trying to live life fairly.


    I am Alexis. I became a vegetarian in middle school. At first all my family & friends thought it was a phase, but now aparently it wasn't. The moment I decided my body would no longer be a grave for the dead was when I was sitting at my laptop and just started watching videos on Facebook of how the animals are truely treated. At the time all that was going threw my mind was I would not want to see someone do this to my siblings,family,or my own pets (my babies). I have been to Warped Tour for 2 years now and everytime I go I always go to the Peta tent. I am glad I found out about this website because now I know how I can help animals, because you know deep down they are just like us. They have a heart and they can feel just as we can, and last time I checked People are not eating babies, wearing babies, or trying products on babies. So yea :) Thank you to all of you who are making a differance to animals lifes.

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